Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of the great scenes from "Facing the Giants" is the conversation between the coach and the pastor that prayerwalks the school. The pastor tells the coach about two farmers who prayed for rain, but only one prepared his field in anticipation of rain. The question was, "Who really had faith his prayer would be answered?" And the answer was "The one who prepared his field."

We've been praying for God to do something supernatural at our church this coming Sunday, and I've been preparing myself for it. I believe God wants to pour out His Spirit on His people in a supernatural way. I've been trying to imagine what that would look like at Magna View and it excites me because I'm beginning to see some of the things happening. I'm beginning to smell the rain coming.

I'm excited to see some of the ministry that is taking place in our body. I hear of people contacting shut-ins and those in need. We are ministering in Jesus' name, not just to those we've known for a long time, but some we hardly know at all. God is doing some good things through His church and I praise Him for it.

Looking forward, I see a great harvest for Magna View, but we have a lot of work still to be done. Our best days are yet to come, but we're on our way. Praise the Lord.

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