Friday, November 2, 2007

A Do-Nothing Day

Well, it is obvious I am not much of a blogger. Time is at such a premium in my life right now that it is hard to add anything to the plate. But, today was a day of rest. It's the first full day I've had off since returning from Mississippi three weeks ago, and I've taken full advantage of it by doing virtually nothing.
It seems weird doing nothing after over 21 days of "go-go-go". I feel guilty. All day I've thought of the numerous things that I could be doing - both church and ministry related and around the house, but I've resisted the urge to do anything, not because I'm lazy, but because of sabbath. I need a do-nothing-day, just to rest and recharge. I use the sabbath day to rest physically and recharge my spiritual batteries by reading and praying. It has been a good day, and I know I'll be a better person and minister for taking it.
The Lord set the example by resting on the seventh day after creating the world. He then commanded us to follow His example in the Ten Commandments. The Lord, our Creator, knew we needed a day of rest to maintain our balance in life. We have a day of sabbath because the Lord loves us and wants the best for us. We would do well to follow His example and obey His Word (sorry, the preacher in me just comes out).