Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Big Day

Well, it's been a great day. I turned 43 today and I've been so blessed. I took a vacation day from work. so I got to spend a little extra time in the word and prayer this morning. I then headed for the golf course. I haven't played since last fall and it was good to get out on the course again. I don't take golf that seriously so it is very relaxing for me. (Plus I was under 100, and I got paid to play).

On the way home Cecelia informed me that she and the girls were taking me to my favorite ribs restaurant, Tony Roma's, which recently opened in Pigeon Forge. I haven't had Roma's Ribs since our last trip to Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago. I made up for lost time! It was great.

We then walked around Pigeon Forge and Patriot Park. It was beautiful evening. We fed the ducks in the river/creek, and just relaxed at the park. This has been one of the best birthdays I've ever had - nothing exciting, just relaxing and being with Cecelia and the girls. I loved it!

God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and family. Some recent events have really drawn us closer together. I'm thankful for a godly wife who seeks God's face and believes His word. She has been a source of spiritual encouragement for me. And she is raising godly daughters. They're not perfect, but they know how to honor God with their lives and talents. A couple of weeks ago, the four of them (Cecelia, Holli, Lydia and Abigail) sung in church. My heart nearly burst with joy as they used their gifts and talents to honor God. I'm so thankful for a family that has a heart to serve and honor God.

Well, this is more than I anticipated writing, but it's been a great day.