Sunday, November 4, 2007

True is True

A part of the morning sermon was about the narrowness of truth. If something is true, then the opposite is false. Truth, by it's very nature is narrow.
Amazingly, though, rather than learn and accept the truth, some people prefer to create their own reality and promote it as truth. They make statements based on limited information and personal feelings rather than on facts. A good example is found in Matthew 12 where Jesus healed a man who was controlled by demons and was blind and could not speak. Jesus healed him and the Bible says that the people were amazed. They recognized the uniqueness of Jesus; the miracle was used to confirm His true identity.
But the Pharisees, who would not accept the truth of who Jesus was, created their own reality and said that Jesus cast out demons and healed because His power came from Beelzebub, the prince of demons. For the Pharisees, it suited their agenda to ignore the truth and the evidence of the truth, and create their own reality, and make Jesus out to be something He was not, and ignore who He really was. Unfortunately, this kind of "truth twisting" happens often in today's world. Some people are being destroyed because others are twisting the truth.
The good news, though, is that in the end, truth will be made known. God, who already knows everything, will reveal what has been hidden by the truth twisters, just like the Pharisees were revealed for who they really were. True is always true, and one day all truth will be made known.