Saturday, February 21, 2009


The last few months have been very challenging health-wise. In November I spent 8 days in Baptist Hospital in Nashville having my gall bladder removed (the old-fashioned way). Last Friday I was back in the hospital with pneumonia. I would have gotten out Sunday but my doctor said he knew I would be at church Sunday night, if he let me out, so he kept me till Monday. (I didn't tell him we were in Winter Bible Study and had church Mon-Wed as well).

I've always been healthy and so this has been a trying time for me. Our worship leader Bill is always asking me, "What's the Lord saying to you through this?" I admit, at first I wasn't really listening. Throughout the last few months I've sensed God's wonderful peace and I knew that He was with me, but I didn't really pay attention to what God was teaching me.

Upon further review... I feel like there are some things I have learned from God, things I knew but God re-emphasized:

First, God works all things together for good to those who love Him (Rom 8:28). It doesn't say only good things happen to those who love God; but God works all things (good and bad) for the good for those who love Him. I don't have to understand why things like health problems happen; I can trust God to bring good out them, and He has.

Second, God can accomplish a lot without me in the way. I'm a bit of a "hands-on" person (think control-freak). And sometimes my "hands-on" approach slows God down. Without going into detail, some really great things happened when I was "laid-up."

Finally, God gave me a new perspective on ministering to people in crisis. For the first time, I was on the receiving end. We have some wonderful people with a heart for ministry in our church and they certainly responded to my situation. I'm thankful for the ministry I received from the Body of Christ.

God is a good God, and He knows what He is doing, even when I don't.