Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18

Great day of worship at Magna View today. I really love the sweet spirit in our fellowship. We're different than any church I've been a part of. The atmosphere is relaxed, people are free to worship as they feel led of God, and the sound of laughter is heard often. It is a great place to be on Sunday mornings.
Great message from Bill Hall this morning. Bill is an entertaining speaker; he always has great illustrations and always has an object lesson. As anyone who was there this morning could tell, he's passionate about discipleship. Bill lives discipleship. He uses his construction business to move his guys toward God, and to be a witness for the Lord to the community.
Baptized one of our young men this morning with help from his dad. I love having the dads in the baptismal waters. It is such a special time for the family.
Tonight is Life Group night, our small group ministry. This is something new for us and we're still working out some issues. I love the small group ministry and here's why:
1. It's biblical - the early church didn't have special buildings to meet in, so they met in homes for fellowship, Bible study and discipleship. It was the time of greatest growth for the church.
2. It's effective - small groups build relationships and that is at the heart of making disciples. Jesus made disciples by investing in a small group guys, spending time with them and being in their homes and with their families.
3. It moves the church back toward New Testament Christianity - one of my concerns for the church in America is that we have become just another "institution" in society, where people come to get some religious instruction or encouragement. But the church Jesus started was to be a movement that infiltrates the world as salt and light and takes the Gospel to the world. Small groups get the church out of the building and into the neighborhoods.
We're going to keep working at it, and struggling with it because it is what God has called us to do.