Monday, January 9, 2012


The world is all abuzz about Tim Tebow. The Broncos' one-play overtime win over the Steelers yesterday has caused quite a stir among fans and critics alike. I watched a good bit of the game (around small group last night) and was impressed with Tebow's play; it was probably his best game as a pro. In fact, it was probably the Broncos best game of the season, they seemed to be in a good rhythm all night.

I've never been a Broncos fan, even in the Elway glory days, but I am a Tim Tebow fan (have been even when  he was a Gator). Here's why:

1. He is a passionate player - I love people who go all in no matter what they are doing, and Tim Tebow goes all in. He plays with enthusiasm and energy and it inspires his teammates.
2. He's a winner - he is not the best football player to ever play the game. He is not, and probably never will be the best quarterback in the league. But Tim Tebow still finds a way to help his team win. Kyle Orton was the Broncos' starting QB when the season began, and by all accounts, Kyle Orton is a better quarterback than Tebow, but Orton couldn't consistently lead his team to victory. Tebow believes he can win even if he is not the best player on the field, and he's got his teammates believing they can win also; and now they are winning more than they are losing.
3. He's humble - say what you want about his performance on the field, but when he is behind the microphone, Tebow is consistently deflecting the attention away from himself and directing to his teammates and coaches. He is always heaping praise on his linemen, his receivers and his coaches for putting them in a position to win. He also gives a lot of credit to kicker Matt Prater whose field goals have led to many of the Bronco's victories. A lot of people are talking about Tim Tebow, but Tim Tebow is not one of them.
4. He is a follower of Christ - I'm sure you expected this one to be at the top of the list, but I decided to save the best for last (lol). Yes, I like Tim Tebow because of his public stand for Christ. I don't think it is cheesey when he bows on the field in a brief prayer (Tebowing), and I'm not bothered when he first "thanks his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" in an interview. I'm glad to hear the name Jesus Christ used as something besides a curse phrase in a movie. I don't think he does these things for show; it is who he is and he has been this way for a long time. I'm glad to see a follower of Christ who doesn't turn it off and on depending on the context he is in. Yes, it is going to rub some people the wrong way, and he is going to catch some flack for it from all sides, but so did Jesus. So, I for one hope he keeps winning and people keep talking about him and to him, because he will keep giving God the glory. The number one search on Google today was John 3:16 - if all the Tim Tebow hype can get 90+ million people searching out John 3:16 and perhaps reading it and at least being exposed to the idea that there is a God who loves them enough to send His Son so that they could have eternal life, then I pray he keeps winning and giving God the glory!